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WHO Director-General Attacked on Twitter with CCP-Related Memes - bellingcat 

"While social networks like Twitter should be a space for legitimate criticism of institutions like the WHO, messages spread by inauthentic accounts en masse and in a coordinated manner distort public debate and prevent honest discussion in the digital space."

Another interesting Bellingcat read:

Graylog events sent by my dev hosts tagged "threat_identified", visualised on a $10 smart bulb.

@jwinnie excellent find, thank you! Love these kinds of articles; clear, reproducible and a simple way to make things better.

More information on Ubuntu's MOTD spyware, which apparently sends some machine information to Canonical's servers without your knowledge: ma.ttias.be/what-exactly-being

Also, I forgot to mention the issue of Ubuntu's snapd: you can't delete snapd in Ubuntu Desktop, snapd (unlike Flatpak) has a single repository, the Snap Store, that is proprietary and controlled by Canonical, and the Snap Store is so insecure that Bitcoin-mining malware was discovered on it (omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/05/ubuntu).


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